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Regd no. Image Name Reg date Last Update Next Update Office College Contact Citizenship number
G0571 Mr. ATISAMMODAVARDHANA KAUNDINNYAYANA 1/19/2009 5-Jan-16 2019-01-05
A4712 Ms. Pratisa Pant 4/19/2016 Plz be updated 2019-04-19
G0799 Mr. PRATISH AGRAWAL 5/25/2011 Plz be updated 2014-05-25
A1580 Mr. Pratish Shrestha 2/7/2011 12-Feb-16 2019-02-12
G1073 Ms. PRATISTHA SHAKYA 11/16/2012 Plz be updated 2015-11-16
G0587 Ms. PRATISTHA TAMRAKAR 5/31/2009 Plz be updated 2012-05-31
A3116 Mr. Satish Gautam 9/20/2013 20-May-16 2019-05-20
G1870 Mr. SATISH KUMAR HALUWAI 2/27/2015 Plz be updated 2018-02-27
A0724 Mr. Satish Kumar Jha 5/31/2009 Plz be updated 2012-05-31
A2799 Mr. Satish Yogi 6/7/2013 Plz be updated 2016-06-07